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Drum Reference Of Karen Language Database

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    • u&Xzd
      "ga ruh hpoh"
      a member; someone who belongs to a group or association

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About this database:
This is the new, beta version of the Drum Reference of Sgaw Karen Language Database. Currently being developed, the goal is to create a comprehensive on-line reference tool where visitors can access a wide variety Sgaw Karen language resourses from a single web page.

The current Karen search includes over 58,000 Karen language entries from the following sources:
The Drum Karen - English Student Dictionary (Drum K - E) : Click here to purchase on-line
The Dictionary of the Sgaw Karen Language: J. Wade 1896 (Wade K - E) Thesaurus of Karen Knowledge, Volumes 1 - 4 : Sau Kau-Too 1849 (Thesaurus 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ) Click here to purchase on-line
Recently included, The rare, second edition of the Thesaurs Vol. 1: 1915 (Thesaurus 1, Judson). With over 4,700 headwords and definitions in both Karen and English

The current English search includes over 30,900 English headwords with over 65,400 definitions from the following sources:
The Drum English - Karen Student Dictionary (Drum E-K) Click here to purchase on-line
The Anglo - Karen Dictionary : J. Wade, 1883. (Anglo - Karen)
The English - Sgaw Karen Dictionary : The Karen Baptist Convention: 2009 (KBC)

Being a work in progress, additional resourses are regularly being added and comments, corrections or suggestions are greatly appreciated.