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Transliteration Guide : a pdf file with audio to give you a start at learning the Karen script
Transliteration word list : a pdf file designed to be used with the transliteration guide for more practice learning the Karen script.

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pghā ga nyaw hpoh
a Karen; one of the national races of Burma

Learn simple Karen phrases with on-line audio
Learn Karen 1 : Greetings / Small Talk
Learn Karen 2 : Questions
Learn Karen 3 : Teacher's classroom language

Picture Dictionary Web Pages with audio:
Verbs 1
Verbs 2
Medical Symptoms

newDrum Graded Readers with audio
A series of on-line easy reading Sgaw Karen storybooks with audio designed for developing Sgaw Karen literacy.

unDpSDR tvHm w> wJylvXw> z; tDR nDwz. AvXtd. Ckm 'D;w> uvk> vX AurR 'd.xD.vJ> xD. unDpSDR tvHm vJ>t*D>

Word lists : Select pages from the Drum Picture Dictionary with audio
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