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Featured Web Sites
  • Free Burma Rangers - An excellent site which includes up to date reports and photos on the situation within Burma.
  • Online Burma Library -An extensive database of annotated links to full texts of Burma documents on the Internet.
  • Kaw Lah Media Center - Providing Karen media for and by our Karen People. Features Radio and TV news broadcasts in Karen language
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Other External Web Sites
Ethnic Nationalities of Burma News and Information -
Akha -
Akha Heritage Foundation - Working to protect the human rights of the Akha people in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, China and Vietnam.
Arakan -
Arakan National Council - Arakan political organization
Narinjara Online News - Arakanese news agency, Burmese and English languages
Arakan Laywaddy
Rakhapura - Arakan news and information
Burman -
Chin -
Chin National Front - Chin political organization
Chin Forum - A platform open to all Chins interested in working together for common democratic objectives.
Women League of Chinland - Focuses on Chin women capacity building through workshops, training programs, safe houses and income generation.
Chin Human Rights Organization - Working to protect and promote the rights of the Chin people; in English and Burmese.
Chinland Guardian - Chin news and and information
Khonumthung News Group - An independent news agency, covering Chin and Burma related issues in English and Burmese.
Chin UNPO page - United Nations Unrepresented Peoples and Nations Chin page
Hmong -
Hmong Dictionary - Hmong on-line dictionary and language learning site
Cwjmem - Another useful Hmong site for learning the language. Includes Hmong fonts, software and more
Kachin -
Kachin National Organization - Kachin political organization
Kachin News Group - Kachin news agency
The Kachin Post - Kachin news agency
Kachin State - The Kachin State web site was initiated with an ideal to share and expose information about Kachin People around the world.
Karen -
Karen Website - Provides general information on Karen people and their culture
Kawthoolei - Provides news and other information about Karen people in English
Kwe Kalu (Karen language newspaper) - Provides news and other information about Karen people in Karen
Karen Women's Organisation (KWO) - community-based organisation of Karen women working in development and relief in the refugee camps on the Thai border and with IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and women inside Burma.
Karen Teacher Working Group (KTWG)- Perpetuating education for and by the Karen people
Karen Human Rights Group - An independent group documenting the human rights situation in rural Burma
Karen National Union - Karen political organization
Friends of the Karen People of Burma - working to promote and assist the Karen People of Burma in the areas of education, human rights, and self determination
Karen United - Karen language site
The Karen Community Association UK - assisting the Karen community with problems they face coming to live in the UK and raising awareness about the situation in Burma. Site includes many interesting links.
For more Karen websites in resettlement countries click here
WW2 and the Karen - An archive of World War Two memories written by the public, gathered by the BBC.
Ethnomed - A brief Karen cultural profile
Karenni -
Karenni Student Development Program (KSDP) - a small community based family charity providing aid for Karenni refugees on the Thai/Burma border
Karenni Students Union - helping Karenni students gain the skills necessary to serve their community
Karenni National Women's Organization - a grassroots organization of Karenni refugee women
Karenni Homeland - Karenni Homeland seeks to provide information about Karenni State.
Katarawaddy Times - Karenni News Site
Kuki -
Kuki Forum - A common platform for all the KUKIS around the world
Kuki Students Democratic Front -
Mon -
New Mon State Party - Mon political organization
Independent Mon News Agency - Mon news and information in Burmese, English and Mon languages
Kaowao News Group - Mon news and information in Burmese, English, Mon and Thai languages
Mon information site
Mon UNPO page - United Nations Unrepresented Peoples and Nations Mon page
Naga -
Naga International Support Center - Naga News and information
Naga UNPO page - United Nations Unrepresented Peoples and Nations Nagaland page
The Ta’ang Students and Youth Organization (TSYO)
Rohingya -
Kaladan Press (Rohingya media) - An independent and non-profitable news agency of Rohingyas of Arakan, Burma.
Rohingya Boatpeople - A website is dedicated for the cause of Rohingya boatpeople's tragedy
Arakan Rohingya National Organization - Rohingya news and information
Shan -
Shan Herald Agency for News (SHAN) - Shan English language news agency
Shan Women's Action Network (SWAN) - A network of  Shan women active in Shan State and Thailand.
Taigress - Shan news and information
Global Shan - Tai Culture and Information. An interesting site which includes information on Shan art, music, festivals language, food and much more.
Federated Shan State - Shan news and information
Shan Youth Power Media - Shan news and information in Shan language
Mai Song Kha - Shan news, information and multimedia site
Mongloi - Shan news and information in Burmese and Shan languages
Tai Center - Shan language and culture
Tai Freedom - News and information in Shan, Engllish and Thai languages
Shan UNPO page - United Nations Unrepresented Peoples and Nations Shanland page
Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Network - A network of indigenous people of mainland Southeast Asia
International Burma News and Media

Latest Breaking News:

The Irrawaddy - Magazine covering Burma and Asia
Kwe Kalu (Karen language newspaper) - Provides news and other information about Karen people in Karen
Karen News - Reported and written by Karen journalists, provides Burma news and infomation in English
The Burmanet News - Coverage of news and opinion on Burma from around the world
Democratic Voice of Burma - Burma related news in English and several ethnic languages
Moe Maka - Burmese languge news and information
Mizzima - Specialises in Burma-related news
Burma Daily
Burma Post
Network Media Group - Burmese language news agency
Burma News International - More Burma news in English and Burmese
Burma News Network - Twitter's Burmanewsnet
Burma Newscasts - Burma news and information blog
Katarawaddy Times - Karenni News Site
Burma Link
Radio Networks
BBC World Service (Burmese)
Radio Free Asia (Burmese) (RFA)
Voice of America (Burmese) 
Melbourne Ethnic Community Radio - New weekly 1 hour Karen language radio program available on-line
Kaw Lah Media Center - providing Karen media for and by our Karen People.
Kaw Lah Films - Indigenous film group from Burma
Front Films - Documentaries and video projects about human rights in SE Asia
Ehnadoh's YouTube Channel : Documentaries of Karen news and culture in Karen and English languages
Refugees / Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
Thailand Burma Border Consortium (TBBC) - Providing food, shelter and non food items to refugees and displaced people from Burma. This website is an excellent resourse for information on both refugees and IDPs in Eastern Burma.
Refugees International - Advocates for lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises.
US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants - Works to address the needs and rights of persons in forced or voluntary migration worldwide
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre - A leading international body monitoring conflict-induced internal displacement worldwide.
Free Burma Rangers - A multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement bringing help to people in the war zones of Burma.
Refugees from Burma, Their Backgrounds and Refugee Experiences - This profile published in 2007 by the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), provides information about the richly diverse histories, cultures, and backgrounds of the refugees from Burma. A good resourse for those wishing to learn more about those being resettled from Burma.
Karen American Communities Foundation - KACF a network to bring together the Karen communities across America to assist Refugees
Karen Konnection - The purpose of this website is to help the newly-resettled Burmese Karen to connect with American Baptist-USA and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship churches throughout the U.S.
Karen Community of Dallas
Karen Society of Nebraska
Karen Canadian Community
Karen Swedish Community
The Karen Community Association UK
Karen American Communities Foundation
US Directory of National Resettlement Agencies - A directory of US Volunteer Agencies (Volags) and their affiliates proving assistance for the newly resettled across the USA.
Cultural Orientation Resourse Center (COR) - The COR publication page with many resourses including the following
Welcome to America: A Guidebook for Refugees: English and Sgaw Karen version available
Mercy Housing; Refugee Housing Program - Assisting resettlement agencies, refugees, and ethnic community-based organizations with housing issues.
Welcome To Your New Home: A Guidebook for refugee housing : English version
Welcome To Your New Home: A Guidebook for refugee housing : Sgaw Karen version
Refugee Health Information Network: A US based national collaborative partnership managed by refugee health professionals whose objective is to provide quality multilingual, health information resources for those providing care to resettled refugees and asylees.
Life in the USA : Life in the USA is a comprehensive web guide to American life for immigrants and Americans.
Additional communitee service information handouts for those resettled in the USA in Karen and English languages are available: Here
These include information on Education, Emergency Services, Housing and more.
Country-based Organizations
Austria Netherlands
Austrian Burma Center Burma Centrum Netherlands
Belgium Norway
Actions Birmanie Norwegian Burma Committee
Czech Republic Poland
Burma Center Prague Polish Burma Solidarity
Danish Burma Committee
Campaign for Democracy in Burma (Finland)
France Spain
Info Birmanie Birmania por la Paz
Germany Sweden
Burma Aktion Swedish Burma Committee
Burma Initiative Germany Switzerland
Burma Bureau Germany Association Suisse-Birmanie
Ireland UK
Burma Action Ireland Burma Campaign UK
Italy BDMA - Burmese community organisation

Birmania Democratica

Associazione Italiana del Turismo Responsabile  
USA and Canada:
United States Campaign for Burma
Burma Gateway Burma Project
Australia Campaign for Burma Burma Watch
Canadian Friends of Burma
Alternative Asean Network on Burma  
Taiwan Free Burma Network  
Human Rights Organizations
Amnesty International
Assistance Association for Political Prisoners - Burma
Burma Issues – Peaceway Foundation
Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Earth Rights International
Human Rights Foundation of Monland
Human Rights Watch
Karen Human Rights Group
Human Rights Education Institute of Burma
Women's League of Burma
Karen Rivers Watch
Salween Watch - Campaign against a new dam on the Salween River
Project Maje - An independent information project on Burma's human rights and environmental issues.
Burma Rivers Network
Earth Rights International :
Mae Tao Clinic -Providing free health care for refugees, migrant workers, and other individuals who cross the border from Burma to Thailand.
Back Pack Health Worker Team - Providing primary health care in ethnic armed conflict areas and rural areas of Burma where access to healthcare is otherwise unavailable.
Free Burma Rangers - A multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement bringing help to people in the war zones of Burma.
Burmese Military Regime -
The SPDC's Site - Official website of the ruling military junta
New Light of Myanmar - State controlled news agency
Political Organizations
National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) - Burma’s exile government, comprised of Members of Parliament elected in Burma’s 1990 elections.
National Council of the Union of Burma (NCUB)
Democratic Party for a New Society - Second-largest pro-democracy political party in Burma, formed in 1988.
Ethnic Nationalities Council (Union of Burma)