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New Drum Pop-up Dictionary

The aim of the new Drum Dictionary Pop-up window is to provide easy access to the Drum online dictionary database while working with open documents on your computer.  It features the ability to remain on top of program windows whereby unknown words, either English or Karen, can be dragged and dropped (or copied and pasted) into the search boxes for easy look up of definitions.

See instructions below.

See how it works! Highlight a word in the following text or anywhere on this page, drag and drop it (or using the mouse buttons, copy and paste it) in the search box on the left and look it up.

Installation Instructions:
To enable the "always-on-top" feature, it is recommended that one of many of the small freeware programs which enable this feature be installed on your computer.

If you are using Monzilla Firefox as your web browser (recommended) there is an add-on available to download to enable this feature. Download here

If you use a browser other than Firefox, the 'DeskPins' program can be downloaded from the Drum website via the following link:
This is a zipped file of only 100kb and has been tested safe. Simply download the file, unzip it, launch the setup EXE and the installer will guide you through the installation
process and its use.

Once "always on top" is installed:

  • Best used with Firefox
  • Link to open the "Pop-up Dictionary"
  • Using the Firefox add-on or the "deskpin" program, pin the pop-up window to be always on top.
  • English an Karen words can be highlighted and either dragged and dropped or copied and pasted (depending on the source program) into the database search boxes.